Friday, September 28, 2012

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Annual Conference

I really am looking forward to CSCMP 2012 in Atlanta this year.  I am hosting Track 6 - Energy and Infrastructure where we will have a very robust and exciting discussion on the role energy and infrastructure play in your supply chain - and it is a big role.

Energy costs can consume almost 40% of your total transportation cost structure and of course the Country's infrastructure can decide how efficiently you can get goods to market. We will cover everything from the macro economic outlook for energy to two great case studies on how to convert your fleet to natural gas and alternative fuels.

The exciting part of this is we will cover the spectrum.  Do not expect to have 8 sessions where people all agree (I remember a saying "If everyone in the room thinks alike, someone is not thinking).

We start with a well known economist on the overall macro outlook for energy in the US:  Walter Zimmermann (A very interesting short biography).  He has been seen on CNBC and other national news shows and has a very interesting and data driven view on the potential for energy independence and what is happening in the energy markets today.

Following Walter we will have multiple presentations from Rail executives, scientists and practitioners on what is happening in the world of energy and infrastructure.  It will be a very exciting and timely topic.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the conference and let's use this to really challenge our thinking, learn and make our industry better!

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