Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In Memory of A True Visionary - John "Jock" Menzies

Last year at the CSCMP Annual Global Conference I had the pleasure of randomly sitting down with a person I had never met before and his name was Jock Menzies.  I was immediately fascinated as he told me of his organization, American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN).  He told me his story of how he set out to complete reform the logistics and and supply chain of how disaster relief is executed.  And by all accounts he was highly successful.

Unfortunately I was greeted this morning with news of his untimely death.  I ask myself why we seem to lose the great ones far too early and when they have far more to contribute.  But, alas, that is not a question for me to answer.

I just mark myself as part of a very lucky and fortunate group who had the pleasure of having breakfast with Jock and listening to his fascinating story and sharing in his vision.  The works on the ALAN website this morning said it best:
"May we honor his memory - and celebrate his life - by listening more carefully, responding more positively, and living more gently with one another. Perhaps together we can retrieve some small portion of the grace we have lost with his premature passing" 

John "Jock" Menzies will be missed.

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