Monday, July 4, 2011

Hybrid Cars and Reverse Logistics

Took a ride in my new Hybrid Ford Fusion yesterday and as always, everything causes me to think about logistics.  First, I will have a "call out" to Ford Motor Company as this is an incredible car.  Write me if you would like more information but suffice to say, I am thrilled about the automobile (and the 39.5mpg I had driving to Chicago).

OK, but the one issue (if there is one) with Hybrids is there is a giant battery pack in the back of the car.  As others have asked (rightfully so), "what happens when that dies"?  Ah, this is where the reverse logistics industry comes in.  There will have to be a way to recover the batteries, ship to a central point and a way to disassemble and recycle the components.  A big business just waiting to be started.

A quick google shows Toyota (as you would expect) has started a service like this and I am sure others will follow.  Amazing how new needs are created, then people fill those needs and all of it requires logistics!

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