Friday, February 24, 2012

Fuel Prices

The idea of limited oil is an idea which needs to be reevaluated.  As drilling technology gets more advanced it appears oil and natural gas reserves will continue to grow. 

So, why the fuel price increase?  It does not appear to be a result of what normal economics would drive.  It is far more about speculation and fear which is the reason fuel must be managed.  If you are unwilling to take an active role in managing fuel you will generally be subject to the "whipsaw" effect of the marketplace. 

Keep an eye on fuel drilling capacity, production capacity and the import/export imbalances to decide if there truly is a fuel shortage.  Right now the United States is exporting a lot of refined petroleum products.  I am sure this increase will cause the continued move to intermodal and rail movements.  It should not be an all or nothing move however.  A good "multi modal" strategy is one which protects capacity and allows for adaptations to the current economics.