Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The New Face of Brokerage

I have really stayed away from endorsing certain companies just because I want to discuss more macro issues in the logistics industry however I will break with tradition for this post.  I am seeing a trend develop with brokers where it is not your "father's broker" anymore.  They truly are becoming logistics experts who do more than just "dial for diesels".

One such company I have talked to many times is Coyote Logistics. This company is young, aggressive, extremely smart and a leader in technology.  They listen and understand your needs then formulate solutions.

I say this because people who have been in the industry a long time (include me in this!) have a mindset of "no brokers".  We remember the days of brokers just calling and wanting your freight but taking no ownership in true logistics solutions.  They were "brokers" in ever sense of the word:  matching up buyers and sellers and that was it.  After meeting Coyote I can tell you the model I described above is dead.  Long live the new generation of brokers!

As a shipper you may want to look at companies such as Coyote to manage certain segments, certain promotional events, moves or even your full transportation needs.  It is not a one size fits all and there are reasons to use these new breed of brokers and reasons not to.  However, I would tell you that if you still have the mindset of "brokers are bad" I highly suggest you call Coyote and see if this new breed can change your mind.  It certainly did mine.

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