Sunday, April 22, 2012

Are You Truly Dedicated to Sustainability?

This is a question I ponder all the time. While I am thrilled when people do anything to help the planet, regardless of motives, I do wonder what would happen if people really were dedicated to this important initiative.  While we all know the "big things" to do (i.e., alternative fuels, recycle, etc.) I wonder how much impact we could make if we all just did some of the small things.  So here are just a few things you can do starting TODAY to make the planet a better place:

1.  Regardless of the type of vehicle you own, drive the speed limit.  Reduces emissions and saves gas.  Nothing infuriates me more than to see a hybrid drive driving 80 - 90 miles an hour.

2. Recycle, recycle, recycle.. Including composting

3. Buy less stuff.. Everything you buy comes to you on a truck, using fuel and will eventually have to be disposed of.  Less stuff means less of all that.

4.  Go on a diet and eat locally grown items.  This is an amazing task which is great for everyone.  You will be healthier (I know, I am one to talk but I have lost a lot of weight and will continue!), less food will need to be grown, and less trucks needed to drive all that food around if you buy locally.

Here is a small example:  We are spreading mulch to make our garden better and hopefully return oxygen to the environment.  We needed to put down weed blocker and rather than go buy it, we used old newspaper to do this.  It got rid of waste, we saved money and it eliminated the need for the weed blocker which means one less roll needed to be shipped.  If everyone did this and we reduced the need by thousands (Sorry if you are in the weed blocker industry) then we could actually take trucks off the road, reduce emissions and reduce the need for diesel fuel.

Here are some other ideas from The Wall Street Journal.

This is the way we can all contribute on a small level as we all work hard to make big changes as well.

Just a thought...

Happy Earth Day!!

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