Friday, April 20, 2012

Sustainability - It is About A Complete and Holistic Strategy

I am somewhat fascinated when I discuss sustainable supply chains with people.  I usually either get an "all or nothing" answer, an answer which is tied to a pet project, or the occasional "sustainability does not matter" answer (thankfully those people now are few and far between).

The clear proposal is good sustainable supply chain programs have to encompass a holistic view involving everything from how products are designed and packaged, how they are shipped, the type of fuel used when shipped and how the product is recovered at the end of life.  You cannot have a true sustainability program without looking at at least all the attributes listed above (they are not all inclusive).

So, the next time you address this topic make sure the "all or nothing" group does not rule the conversation.  Break the problem down into small pieces and attack each one.  This is your best solution.

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