Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sustainability - Why Not?

I had an interesting revelation today as I drove my hybrid to work. Many people will rationalize why they are not living a sustainable life - leaving a better planet to their heirs than they gained from their parents.  They will go through the "personal business case", they will try to deny the science of the changing planet or, some, will hold onto a belief that it is our God given right to do whatever we want to the planet.

Of course, all of those are what we call excuses and rationalizations.  My observation is many who do not care about sustainability are the exact people who can afford it and are benefited by it.

So, next time you rationalize your unsustainable behavior ask yourself, why not?  Why not take the few extra minutes to recycle?  Why not spend an extra $1K to get a sustainable automobile?  Why not buy local so things don't have to be transported so far.. etc. etc.

The key question for all of us:  Why Not?

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