Friday, December 7, 2012

Where Reverse Logistics and Sustainability Meet

We all know the technical reasons for reverse logistics and at this point in the season many retailers loathe it.  Product is returned, packaging is just thrown into landfills and old product is thrown in the garbage in favor of the new and fancier version.  This is both a reverse logistics and a sustainability nightmare.

What is worse is a lot of the garbage created ends up in the ocean.  There are floating patches of man made waste all over the ocean and it just sits out there generally making a mess of things.

Well, fret no more as one of the most forward thinking and sustainable companies on the planet, Method, has come to the rescue.  According to both their website and this article in the Mother Nature Network Method has devised a way to take that post consumer use ocean garbage and re-purpose it to make the bottles for their 2 in 1 hand soap / dish wash soap.  What a great idea.  by using this product you will accomplish three things:

  • Get a great soap (Yes, I use Method and love it)
  • Help to clean the oceans
  • Eliminate waste in the creation of new plastic bottles which are unneeded since we as humans have provided patches of the old stuff ready for use. 
It is very rare you can accomplish all of this in one purchase. Yes, recycling what we throw away is part of reverse logistics. 

What are you doing for your personal sustainability initiative today?

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