Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Does Re-Shoring Mean a Return to Industrialized America?

I really like the article Kevin O'Marah wrote over at SCM World entitled: Re-shoring is a Red Herring.  He rightfully points out that while re-shoring is great for a variety of reasons we should not hold out hope for the whole scale re-industrialization along with the many jobs it brings.  The days of just graduating high school and going to work at the local plant are over even if manufacturing returns.

One of the reasons this is true was described in a Logistics viewpoints' prediction for 2013 where Adrian Gonzales identified "the robots keep coming". Also, back in February I wrote  a post titled: "Robots and Other Supply Chain Trends" about an interaction Kevin and I  had about the idea of robotics and how robotics is a key factor of what will allow re-shoring while not employing a lot of people.

Bottom line: Re-shoring is great for America, great for supply chains and great for the consumer (Lower cost, higher flexibility) but is not the dream people are making it appear relative to jobs and the middle class economy.

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