Wednesday, July 31, 2013

XPO Logistics Records a Wider Loss Year over Year

I continue to follow this company closely as should anyone in the brokerage and now final mile business (see acquisition of 3PD).  However, I am also fascinated at how much money can be lost in the quest to make money.  I really question whether this is in the best long term interests of the company as they lost $1.00 per share or $18M dollars versus Q2 of last year when they lost $5.9M or .54 cents per share.

Bradley Jacobs, CEO, continues to say they will be EBITDA positive in the 4th quarter of this year but a lot of that (probably all of it) will come from the acquisition of 3PD.  Is it really accretive or has he just bought profits?  Time will tell and this business model is not for the faint of heart.  I guess it works really well in silicon valley where companies that make no money sell for $1bl but I am not sure it works in logistics.

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