Saturday, October 6, 2012

Value Chain or Supply Chain

A fantastic discussion over at Supply Chain Index on the measurable differences between a "Supply Chain" and "Value Chain" (Value Chain vs Supply Chain).  Most use these terms interchangeably and this blog post really has given me cause for thinking about these terms. I even realized I did not have a tag or label for "Value Chain" which shows I thought of them as synonyms; Which they clearly are not.

Abby Mayer of Supply Chain Index
Abby Mayer
Just as "logistics" has morphed into "supply chain" "supply chain" is now morphing into "value chain" in our industry lexicon.  However this blog post makes us think this over.

I am starting to think we have to reemphasize that these three terms are three distinct elements of the overall "cash to cash" cycle and getting goods to market.

Great job by Abby Mayer. Twitter: @indexgirl.

Supply Chain Index - A must read Blog and Twitter Handle: @SCInsightsLLC

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